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     Michael began his voice-over career in 2006, after learning about the field of voice acting while pursuing one of his other passions, screenwriting. While attending a film makers meeting, he heard about a local voice training company and decided to explore this possibility.  He was subsequently trained and began his journey into the world of voice acting.

     Michael is also a pharmacist and owns his own integrative pharmacy.  This knowledge base has led to much work in the medical field.  Michael often lends his voice to projects involving drug names and medical terminology, such as audio nursing handbooks, and medical transcription course books.

     Michael also served in public office for eight years.  He served on his local City Council as Finance Commissioner as well as serving as the Mayor of his hometown.  This experience provided Michael many opportunities to speak on radio and television.  The varied experiences he's had in his personal and public life have led to many voice-over jobs including radio and television ads, corporate videos, documentary trailers, and political commercial work.

     Most recently, Michael installed a home recording studio, and is currently working with local and regional producers on various projects in the voice-over field, as well as working with national publishers recording audiobooks.

     Michael also writes a blog,, where he posts information and advice about voice acting.

     Michael can be contacted directly at