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  • "Michael Lenz is our go to voiceover guy.  His clear voice easily speaks through the most technical copy, and that makes my job easy.  I use Michael because he is very very good at what he does, saves me time, and has a wide range of dialects."

        - Richard Kline, Shannon-Rose Design

  • "Mike Lenz is a pleasure to work with!  He is a pro, taking direction well and always striving to give his client what they need.  I have used Mike's clear and pleasant voice in film narration and for character voices in my work as an independent film maker."

            -  Thomas Mercer, Producer Talon Films, Inc.


      • "In a field where far too few voice actors understand the true value in combining professional skill, reliability, and personality, Mike is always exceptional.  Quite simply, Mike makes my job easy!"

              -  David Bourgeois, VO Producer,

                      Dicovery Communications,  HG TV, WE, McGraw Hill